Miniature Printing

Providing quality miniature folded leaflets, booklets, packaging and labels

Pharmaceutical Printing: providing quality miniature folded leaflets, booklets, packaging and labels

AD Print is at the cutting edge of pharmaceutical printing and folding. We are able to produce miniature folded leaflets and often put folding equipment to the test. In fact we have proven our machine manufacturers wrong with some pharmaceutical printing jobs.

We have the experience to know what is physically possible but are always ready to push the boundaries and help advance the pharmaceutical printing industry.

For example;

“We had a client who required a miniature 6pp leaflet (ck sizes) to be folded in a concertina. It was not until we were setup and ready to use the folding machine we discovered that we were unable to make the folds required on the stock it was printed. We went back to the client and advised this along with solutions to the unforeseen development. The client was happy and we were able to proceed. We were the only printer who was prepared to take the job on and despite a few hiccups along the way the client is a repeat customer having ordered in excess of 250,000 to date.”

From Patient information leaflets to high end cosmetic miniature leaflets and inserts we understand the importance of accuracy and quality and we are sure you will be happy with the end result.